We offer a broad range of custom tailored short and long term insurance products.

Evolution Health and Life Assurance

Evolution Health and Life Assurance provides a full suite of funeral, life and health assurance products to individuals and corporate customers.

Life Assurance is basically an agreement between a client and an assurance company that in return for making certain payments (also known as premiums) the client will be entitled to certain benefits if certain events occur.

The purpose of Life Assursance is to protect the dependents or beneficiaries of the assured/policyholder by providing financial support for them in case certain things happen to the assured/policy holder.

Evolution has developed a number of new products designed to provide transparent and appropriately hedged solutions to customers at affordable premiums.

Evolution Life Assurance Plan  - Evo Life

Evolution Health and Life Assurance offers a Whole Life product called Evo Life that is designed to provide lump sum benefits in the event of the death of the person assured.

Evolution Endowment Policy

Evolution Health and Life Assurance also offers an Endowment Policy that has a guaranteed payout sum, which is based on the amount contributed plus investment returns, at the end of a mutually agreed period.

Evolution Funeral Assurance

Complementing the two life products are the group’s funeral products, which offer assurance that is not tied to a specific service provider. The aim is to give the customer the freedom to choose which service provider to use, as the quality of providers varies over time.

With Evolution, there is no need to change your insurer or change your provider, you always retain the flexibility to choose which service provider best suits your needs.

Evolution will diligently follow your instructions and ensure that you are getting the best service for your money, which can be very useful at stressful times.

Evolution Funeral Assurance has four packages;

  • the Executive Policy for those wanting high level benefits,
  • the Choice Policy for those looking for more comprehensive benefits than offered with the General Policy,
  • the General Policy for the more budget conscious,
  • and a specially created Cremation Policy for those who do not want a burial product. 

Evolution Health Assurance

Evolution Health and Life Assurance has recently launched two closed network health assurance products:

  • Value Plus
  • Budget Plus

These products are aimed at providing high standards of private medical benefits but within a restricted provider network. Both products have integrated funeral cover and offer life assurance options.

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