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Glen Forest Memorial Park

Glen Forest Memorial Park (GFMP) is a privately owned upmarket cemetery in the beautiful Mazowe Valley, just beyond the Borrowdale Suburb of Harare.

Glen Forest Memorial Park (GFMP)

GFMP has capacity to hold approximately 120, 000 burial plots and also has mausoleums and walls of remembrance. Situated in a secure, beautifully landscaped and serene valley, GFMP is dedicated to the memory of those interned there.

GFMP is governed by the following philosophy : DIGNITY, TRANSPARENCY, EMPATHY, PRIVACY and HONOUR.

GFMP is guided by the principle of life that success is a result of hard work. Paying tribute to a life is a personal decision that may be based on religious beliefs, cultural heritage, family tradition, financial considerations and personal preferences. In order to accommodate these preferences, GFMP offers a full range of services to commemorate life. Traditional burial, entombment and cremation are all available at GFMP.

Make another good decision and choose your final resting place.

A Picturesque and Tranquil Environment

To date, only a portion of the approximately 200 acre site has been developed, but plans are underway that will ensure that the serenity and splendor of this naturally scenic location will be faithfully incorporated into innovative burial, cremation and memorialisation options for GFMP’s expanding customer base. Future plans will see significant expansion of the landscaping and the internal access roads.

Your Options

While there is much room to expand, there is already a wide selection of ground burial alternatives, including single and double grave lots. Responding to the needs of the community and the rapid changes in burial expectations, GFMP offers family plots allowing for better planning and guarantees that families remain in close proximity to one another.

Burial plots are divided between the original memorial park, and two newer sections, Chemhute Park and Matidoda Park, which offer burial solutions to suite every budget.


Glen Forest Crematorium was researched and developed over an 18 month period in partnership with Nuffield Funeral Home as a response to a market need for modern, professional and compassionate cremation services. Since commencing operations in July 2011, the Glen Forest Crematorium has expanded its facilities to include a chapel and landscaped gardens. Plans are at an advanced stage for a garden and wall of remembrance, and an extensive memorial rose garden.

Wall of Remembrance

We recognize that many people who choose cremation are still looking for inventive forms of remembrance. With this in mind, we have begun creating a Wall of Remembrance. The wall will feature colourful combinations of granite fronts, upon which personal inscriptions can be engraved. The wall of remembrance will blend modern options within the natural surroundings, giving more unique options and the freedom to truly give creative expression to your remembrance.

Visitation, Chapel and Reception Centre

GFMP has a Chapel that offers families an opportunity to conduct funeral services on site. Not only is the use of the Chapel an added value, our soon to be constructed visitation and reception center will offer a great way for family and friends to gather and honour their loved ones.


The Trustees of GFMP are committed to maintaining the memorial park to a high standard. Great thought has been put towards the safety issues for cemetery visitors, staff maintenance and the overall landscape to preserve the natural beauty of the park. To that effect, Six percent (6%) of all grave sales are channeled to an independently administered Trust Fund for the maintenance of the parks in perpetuity.


There is 24-hour security and the cemetery will be completely walled around its perimeter within the next few years

Support Services

Funeral Assurance, burial services and headstones are available through our strategic partners.

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